Our mission

Gathering Waters’ mission is to help land trusts, landowners and communities protect the places that make Wisconsin special. 

How we work

Gathering Waters is a statewide service center for Wisconsin's land trust community.  Unlike any other organization, we accomplish our mission by promoting private, voluntary conservation action and strengthening Wisconsin land trusts through:

Direct Services and Consulting

Through a suite of direct services and training events, we deliver knowledge and tools to land trusts so they can strengthen their operations, meet their conservation goals and make good on the promise of lasting land protection.

Government Relations

We are non-partisan, solution oriented advocates for land conservation. We work with government agencies and lawmakers to make sure Wisconsin policies reflect citizens’ land conservation values, support permanent land conservation, and strengthen the land trust community. 


We promote the value of  land conservation and land trusts to Wisconsin communities. Through creative outreach and communications, we strive to make land trusts community institutions as well-known and valued as the local library.






























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