Take Action Today

The time to protect our lands and waters is now while they are intact and healthy and the opportunity exists to do so. To protect Stewardship is to let decisions makers know how important it is to each of us.

10 Ways to Protect Stewardship

1. Call your legislators

Dial ‘em up, tell them why the Stewardship Program is Important to you. A phone call is most persuasive, but all communication helps!

2. Write your legislators:

Send them your written thoughts. Personal, heartfelt letters are best. Here are a few templates. Also, consider sending them one of these powerful stories

3. Put the cost of Stewardship in context: 

Legislators are voicing concern that Stewardship costs the state and taxpayers too much money. Familiarize yourself with these talking points to help enlighten them.

4.  Copy the Joint Committee on Finance:

When you write a letter to your legislators, send a copy to this powerful committee, which will craft the version of the state budget that the full legislature will consider. Consider including one of these poswerful stories as well. 

5. Meet with your legislators:

Shake their hands and tell them how much Stewardship matters to you and your community. And attend the Joint Committee on Finace's public hearings to tell them how you feel. Don't forget to take a copy of one of these powerful stories to share with them. 

6. Send a letter to the editor: 

Or send an op-ed to your newspaper in favor of Stewardship.

7. Spread the word:

Post, Tweet and talk among your friends, neighbors and colleagues about what Stewardship has done for them and get them on board. Consider sharing one of these powerful stories.

8. Join Gathering Waters’ eNews list

You'll receive updates and alerts on Stewardship.

9. Send Gathering Waters copies

Send us copies of your letters and clippings from local papers. Keep GW up-to-date on your activities on behalf of Stewardship.

10. Show your support

Show support and raise awareness for the Stewardship Program today by changing your facebook profile pic!

Get the PDF version of this list here. Feel free to share.
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