Fee Services

Through LEAP, in addition to our opportunities by application and universally-available services, we offer services to land trusts on an individual basis for a fee. These services are offered as close to cost as possible thanks to the generosity of our LEAP funders, including the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.  Read on for more information about these possibilities for your land trust.

Looking to take the Next LEAP with your Land Protection and Stewardship Data?
New database now available at cost to Wisconsin land trusts

As was reported in a special pre-Retreat session this summer, Gathering Waters is offering an Microsoft Access-based database -- developed by Caleb Pourchot of Natural Heritage Land Trust --  to interested land trusts. This database assists organizations with tracking activities related to land protection as well as ongoing stewardship. It's currently in use by Natural Heritage Land Trust and was originally developed for Northwoods Land Trust.

The database is ready for use "out of the box" and we've priced it affordably -- $200 -- because it does not come with ongoing maintenance or support at this time. If your land trust is interested in this database contact Mike Strigel to find out more specifics on migration and orientation.

Is your organization interested in a cloud-based database platform in the future?
As a secondary component to the Retreat, we reported that in the development of this database Caleb discovered it's limitations and believes there may be a better plan for data collection based in the Web...but we're only in initial stages of scoping this tool out.
As of summer, 2013, GW has committed to working with Caleb to determine feasibility of such an enhanced database in the year to come. However, we cannot not pursue this fully until we know we have demonstrated interest and resources from Wisconsin land trusts. 
If you're interested in such a cloud-based application and/or might be interested in devoting resources to the endeavor, please let us know.

Guided Organizational Assessments

We perform a comprehensive assessment of your land trust's progress toward implementation of Land Trust Sandards and Practices, the national industry standard for sound land trust operation. 

Guided Organizational Assessments require the land trusts full board and staff to complete a thorough questionnaire and  participate in a day-long conversation.  Gathering Waters will provide a comprehensive report  of land trust strengths, progress against Standards and Practices and suggest actions to address areas for improvement.

These assessments are a prerequiste for applications for Land Trust Accreditation.  For organizations not anticipating an accrediation application soon, a Guided Organization Assessment can help inditify priorities on your land trusts' long "to-do" list and is a valuable prelude to strategic planning.  Please contact Mike Strigel, Executive Director  to discuss cost and timing.  608-251-9131 x 14.

Capacity-Building For Your Land Trust

Gathering Waters staff is available to work one-on-one with land trust staff or boards to deliver trainings that meet your unique needs. We offer this customized training for a fee, which, depending on our own funding or your land trust's participation in LEAP, may vary.  

The following are potential training topics:

  • Engage your board in fundraising
  • Basics of fundraising planning
  • Build a major donor program
  • Build a membership program
  • Strategic planning

Gathering Waters can also do a general fundraising assessment of your organization and offer advice on where to focus your development resources. If you are interested in taking advantage of any of these resources, please contact Mike Strigel, Executive Director, to discuss cost and timing.  608-251-9131 x 14.

Co-hosting Donor Cultivation Events

One of the most successful things a land trust can do to raise its visibility and strenghten its support is throw a party--and we are more than happy to join the planning and the fun.

We partner with a land trust to hold an event celebrating the land trusts' value to your community.  We invite Gathering Waters members in the area.  Our members learn more about their local land trust.  In turn, land trust supporters learn about the value of Gathering Waters to the land trust movement in Wisconsin.

Gathering Waters' staff will share a significant portion of the logistical work of event planning, marketing and hosting.  We craft a cost-sharing agreement for event expenses (food, invitations, etc.).

For more information contact Kristin Swedlund.  

Photo courtesy of Bayfield Regional Conservancy.
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