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Jul 26, 2016 - Apr 01, 2017  •  Wisconsin  • 

Send us your photos! We’re looking to capture the beauty and value of Wisconsin’s special places in pictures, for use on our website, social media, and publications—so we’re holding a photo contest. Send us your digital photos by April 1 for a chance to win up to $450.



Celebrating the Seasons: One of the best things about living in Wisconsin is the seasons. Capture them with your camera. Summer, spring, winter, fall—landscapes alone or with people and/or pets enjoying the various types of outdoor activities that Wisconsin is known for each season.

Winner receives $100

People Outside: We want to see folks outside in Wisconsin: Hiking, fishing, skiing, swimming, hunting, exploring, camping, or just sitting and reflecting in nature. These are just a few examples of the kinds of activities we want to see.

Winner receives $250

Photo Submission

Please submit your photo(s) and photo release form to Outreach & Development Intern Kevin Meyers at Deadline is April 1, 2017.  


There are three opportunities to win:

  • The winning photo from the “Celebrating the Seasons” category will be chosen by a selection committee and be awarded $100.
  • The winning photo from the “People Outside” category will be chosen by a selection committee and be awarded $250.
  • All remaining photos will be judged by our Facebook followers. The photo with the most likes will receive the "People's Choice Award" of $100.

Winning in one category does not exclude you from winning in another category. 


Photo Credits (top and bottom): Mindy Petersen

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