Land Conservation Leadership Awards

Sep 21, 2017  •  Monona Terrace, Madison, WI  •  5:30 PM - 8:30 PM

These annual awards recognize the outstanding achievements and contributions of individuals, policy makers, land trusts, and other groups that help protect the places that make Wisconsin special. They honor the power of committed citizens and offer inspiring examples of conservation success.

Back by popular demand!

Gathering Waters’ Land Conservation Leadership Award Celebration is returning to Madison. In 2016 we traveled around the state, presenting awards at local events. This year, we are happy to announce that the presentation of awards will take place on September 21, in Madison. We hope to see you there for an evening of great food and celebration, in honor of some of Wisconsin’s most inspirational conservation leaders.

Do you know a conservation leader? Nominate them today!

We encourage you to nominate an individual, policy maker, land trust, or other group that has demonstrated leadership in helping to protect Wisconsin’s special places. Awards will be presented at Gathering Waters’ annual Awards Celebration on September 21, 2017.

Award Categories:

  • Land Trust of the Year – This award recognizes a land trust that demonstrates its commitment to permanently safeguard Wisconsin’s natural treasures and open lands through its leadership, achievements, projects and more.
  • Conservationist of the Year – This award recognizes individuals, organizations or groups that exhibit extraordinary commitment to Wisconsin’s land conservation movement.
  • Policy Maker of the Year – This award recognizes individuals whose dedicated efforts have helped to bring forth or strengthen policy on behalf of land conservation throughout Wisconsin.
  • Land Legacy Award – This award recognizes an individual, family, or foundation whose extraordinary generosity and philanthropic leadership through direct financial support has significantly benefited land conservation in Wisconsin.
  • Rod Nilsestuen Award for Working Lands Preservation – This award recognizes individuals or organizations that exhibit extraordinary commitment to the preservation of Wisconsin’s working lands.
  • Award with a Harold “Bud” Jordahl Distinction – Each year, the Selection Committee receives a number of nominations describing extraordinary land conservation projects, accomplishments, pursuits, partnerships, etc., that are highly deserving of an award, but do not fit perfectly into any one award category. Under these circumstances, the Selection Committee may elect to honor such a nominee with an award bearing the Harold “Bud” Jordahl distinction. Examples from the past include the Harold “Bud” Jordahl Lifetime Achievement Award, the Harold "Bud" Jordahl Partnership of the Year, the Harold "Bud" Jordahl Stewardship Award and the Harold "Bud" Jordahl Land Trust Pioneer Award.

Nomination(s) must include:

  1. A completed Nomination Form
  2. At least one letter of support describing the nominee’s actions and accomplishments that have advanced land conservation in Wisconsin. Each letter of support must include contact info for the person(s) submitting the letter. 
  3. Additional supporting materials are optional and may include things like news articles, photos, maps, video or other resources.

These awards are very competitive; the more letters of support and additional supporting materials provided, the better. Individuals and organizations may submit nominations for themselves or others.

Nominations must be emailed no later than Friday, June 2, 2017 to:

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