Take Action and Make a Difference in Policy Today

If accessibility to public lands and waters in Wisconsin, and the health of the Great Lakes is important to you, take action today.

 7 Ways to Protect your Public Lands and Waters

 Shake Hands Graphic

1. Contact state and federal legislators

Call, write personal letters, or visit. Tell your state reps why protecting Wisconsin’s Knowles-Nelson Stewardship Program is so important and consider contacting members of the powerful Joint Finance Committee or attend one of their public hearings. Let your state senetors and house member know why you care about the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative and other vital federal conservation programs.


2. Send a letter to the editor

Share your thoughts with the daily and weekly newspapers in your area, then write positive comments about it if it’s posted online. 


3. Stay informed

Put the value of these state and federal programs in context. Learn more about how the benefits outweigh the costs at gatheringwaters.org/benefits.


4.  Amplify your message with social media

Tweet, post on Facebook, and share your perspective on the Stewardship Program, the Great Lakes, and our shared public lands. Post Instagram photos of your favorite outdoor places and connect them to Stewardship and/or GRLI. 


5. Stay connected

Join our eNews list to receive updates and alerts on these issues.


6. Watch and share

This video demonstrates the impact the Stewardship Program has in communities throughout the state.


7. Donate

Your gift to Gathering Waters increases the impact you make on these issues by empowering us to accomplish more.