What does Gathering Waters do?

Photo by Rob Nuernberg

Gathering Waters: Wisconsin's Alliance for Land Trusts is a land trust service center dedicated to the protection of Wisconsin's land and water.

Founded in 1994, Gathering Waters has made an impact on land conservation in Wisconsin. While we do not actually own or manage land, we do provide special services many nongovernmental, nonprofit organizations do not have the resources to provide on their own. 

We assist land trust and conservancy organizations as they help people in their communities protect land that is important to them.  Gathering Waters:
  • Provides educational workshops and training opportunities to land conservation leaders
  • Hosts and co-hosts statewide, regional, and national land trust conferences
  • Offers credentialed seminars for attorneys, appraisers, assessors and, financial advisors
  • Gives a voice to land trust organizations in local, state, and federal governments
  • Helps landowners find reputable land trust organizations
  • Answers questions about land trust operations or conservation options
  • Builds coalitions to influence public policy for land conservation
  • Introduces business leaders, local officials, and media to the benefits of land conservation
  • Provides consultation and legal guidance to land trusts
  • Keeps land trusts apprised of opportunities through the publication of "Currents" a technical bulletin for land trusts
  • Makes sure future generations have special places to visit and enjoy in Wisconsin
  • Acts as a bi-partisan, solution-oriented advocate for the Knowles-Nelson Stewardship Program and other funding programs
  • Promotes accreditation of land trusts to raise the quality and permanence of their work
  • Participates in coalition
  • Fosters the interest of future land conservation leaders
Gathering Waters creates an alliance of active land trusts and makes an impact of regional conservation planning.
We strive to create opportunities for Wisconsin land trusts, whether they are committed to protecting farmland or the shores of Lake Superior.
"At Gathering Waters we invst in community-based conservation. We invest in the people and organziations preserving the places they love in Wisconsoin today so that our children can enjoy it tomorrow. We invest in Wisconsin's land trusts and are confident that our investments will pay off." --Bud Jordahl, Gathering Waters Conservancy founder