2019 Land Trust Days Registration

Thank you for joining us for Wisconsin Land Trust Days.

If your event meets the following criteria, please complete the registration form below and add your event to the 2019 Wisconsin Land Trust Days calendar.

  • Your organization must be a current member of Gathering Waters.
  • The event must be open to the public.
  • Your event must take place between August 1, and September 30, 2019.
  • The event must be branded and promoted as a Land Trust Days event.

You will be contacted by a member of the Wisconsin Land Trust Days planning committee regarding the logo and materials after you complete and submit your registration form.

If you are hosting multiple events, please complete one registration form for each event. If you are partnering with another organization, you only need to fill out one registration form.

To guarantee your event is included in our statewide promotional materials, please register your event before June 30.

Event registrations received after June 30, will be included in promotions when possible, but promotion cannot be guaranteed. 

Thank you for your participation!

Please enter the name of the person responsible for collecting RSVPs and answering general questions about your event.
Please specify the name of your event.
Describe the details of your event. You can also use this space to specify any special instructions for your guests. For instance, if you're breaking trail through a prairie you may want to recommend guests wear long pants and sturdy shoes.
Please write a short description - 80 characters or less - to be used in social media posts.
Please add a specific address. If there is not an address, include the latitude and longitude coordinates for GPS directions.
Please include name, title, phone number and email address.
Please specify the maximum number of people you want to attend your event.
Please specify the cost of your event. Include all ticket types if applicable.
Please list your keynote speaker's name, area of expertise, other noteworthy information, and whether or not your special guest is willing to give interviews.
If yes, please specify the type of media you plan to create for your event.
Please specify the date you would like to recieve materials or copies of the digital files to promote your event. We can deliver materials within three weeks of your registration date.
Please specify if you would like hard copy flyers or digital files.
Please indicate whether you would like a digital file or printed postcards. If you would like printed postcards, how many would you like.
Please tell us how many yard signs you would like for your event.
What type of Team Knowles-Nelson materials would you like at your event: handouts, postcards, stickers? Please let us know what type of materials and how many you woud like.


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