2023 Conference Preview: Essential Skills for Success

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People are at the heart of land trust work. You make conservation happen!

Whether you’re new to land trusts or have been at this for years, there are some essential skills that we all need to practice to enhance our success in work…and life. 

That’s why the 2023 Wisconsin Land Trust Conference kicks off with a dive into Essential Skills for Success. Improve your ability to navigate interpersonal relationships, communicate effectively, focus your attention on priorities, and make meetings matter. 

Gathering Waters is bringing expert trainers to guide us on Wednesday, May 3. You will have the opportunity to participate in two workshops, one before lunch and one after. Read about each workshop below.

Collaboration, Communication, and Connection: Understanding Yourself, Understanding Others

Presenter: Jennifer Wilson, New Leaf Consulting and Coaching

Why do they ask so many questions?

Can we please cancel the meeting and just get to work?

Am I imagining things, or don’t they don’t trust me?

Could someone explain why we’re going this direction?

Sound familiar? When we work with other people, chances are that we’ll shake our heads and wonder at how challenging it can be at times.

In this experiential workshop, we’ll get to the bottom of these burning questions by exploring neurobiology, mythology, and emotional intelligence. You’ll discover your leadership style and how our unique needs and perspectives enrich—and sometimes challenge—our ability to collaborate with each other.

Managing Time to Maximize Your Conservation Impact

Presenter: Ian Walker, PeopleFirst Leadership Partners

Regardless of your role at your land trust, you probably feel like there’s never enough time in a day to go after the opportunities—and tackle the challenges—that are part of complex conservation work. 

Improving time management can help you increase productivity, control your workflow, and reduce stress. In this interactive workshop, you will learn key concepts, practice applying strategies, and get tips and tools for time management to take back to your land trust.

  • Get time on your side with effective planning and priorities. Explore strategies that fit your motivations and style. Balance those urgent and important tasks.
  • Learn to limit distractions. Effective time management comes down to attention management.
  • Make meetings matter. Design for what, who, and how to leverage the talents of your team. Don’t just go through the motions, make things happen!

We’re excited to join in this important learning together.