Volunteers Rise to the Challenge

June 21, 2017 -- gweditor

The following post was written by our wonderful member Ice Age Trail Alliance.

Keeping 15 miles of hard-to-access Ice Age Trail open and passable through rough, rocky terrain is no easy task. It takes a certain amount of grit to volunteer for a project of this magnitude, and 59 volunteers rose to the challenge and committed 1,471 hours to this worthy cause.

The Blue Hills are a gem and, thanks to your service and stewardship, the Ice Age National Scenic Trail is in fine condition for enjoyment by visitors from far and wide.


  • Operated 4 mowers for 90+ hours
  • Skillfully and safely operated 7 chainsaws, clearing dozens of down and hazardous trees from on and across the trail
  • Cleared encroaching brush with 3 gas-powered weed whackers, fit with metal cutting blades
  • Rehabbed ¼ mile of tread
  • Installed trail signage posts and thoughtfully painted several hundred reassurance markers – the iconic 2×6 yellow blaze

In all, 14+ miles of the Ice Age Trail were made open, passable and readily follow-able.

Special Thanks:

  • YOU!!
  • The Rusk County Forestry Department for use of the Murphy Flowage day use area for camping and base camp needs
  • All 18 Chippewa Moraine chapter members for pitching in to help a neighboring chapter and the MSC program
  • The Superior Lobe and Chippewa chapters and all individuals who loaned or provided power equipment
  • Fred Nash for pre-event planning and logistics
  • Thelma Johnson (Camp Chef), Letitia Koppa, Carol Johnson and Donna Pachaud for the amazing meals (and rhubarb galore!) that kept everyone fed and full of energy
  • Chris and Stephen McDiarmid of Gorilly Goods for the delicious organic snacks
  • Jennie-O Turkey for the tasty sandwich meats for our hand-prepared lunches
  • Jerry Sazama and all crew leaders for your dedication and leadership

Next Up:

IAT-U and Boardwalk Construction, June 21-25; summer camp for Trail wizards and lots of hand-on learning. Details here.

We’re heading to Kewaunee County to raise dollars for the IATA by serving good grub at Farm Technology Days, July 11 – 13. Details here.