Door County Land Trust Awarded $200,000 Grant to Protect Dragonfly Habitat

Close up of a dragonfly

Door County Land Trust has been awarded nearly $200,000 to protect the dragonfly population in Door County. The area is home to approximately two-thirds of the Hine’s emerald dragonfly population.

The Midwest Coastal Grant is provided by the United States Fish & Wildlife Service for invasive-species control at Kellner Fen Natural Area near Sturgeon Bay. Kellner Fen is one of 11 spots identified as critical breeding habitat for these dragonflies, which need marshes and wet meadows fed by alkaline groundwater to survive and thrive.

“Other than protecting the direct loss of habitat due to development, removal of invasive species to restore ecological processes that threaten Hine’s emerald dragonfly populations is the most important thing we can do to protect them,” said Jesse Koyen, Door County Land Trust stewardship director.

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Photo of a dorsal male Hine’s emerald dragonfly by Paul Burton.