Great Lakes Restoration Initiative

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The Great Lakes Restoration Initiative is a critical federal program for restoring habitats in and around the Great Lakes, reducing contaminated runoff, and controlling invasive species. This funding is vital for the health of the Great Lakes and has made a big impact here in Wisconsin.

Fortunately, Congress fully reinstated the funding for the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative (GLRI) in March 2018. This vital federal program provides $300 million in annual funding to the eight states surrounding the Great Lakes for restoration and protection.

The appropriation of the funding allows conservation groups, land trusts, and state and local governments to continue their work of improving the health of the Great Lakes.

Continued funding of the GLRI is a reason to celebrate bipartisanship.

Much of the credit for the renewal of the funding is attributed to the collaboration of a bipartisan coalition of lawmakers, including Senators Tammy Baldwin and Ron Johnson, and many of Wisconsin’s U.S. Representatives who stood in support of a fully funded GLRI. Working together, our policymakers ensured these special places in Wisconsin have the support to be enhanced and protected.

The health and significance of the Great Lakes are crucial to Wisconsin and the Midwest. The Great Lakes continue to be a source of water for many communities; others depend on the tourism dollars generated by the Lakes; still, others receive their primary source of income from fisheries and other industries on or around the Lakes.

We need to continue to work together to ensure these extraordinary natural bodies of water remain a resource to the people living and visiting Wisconsin and the Midwest.

Read a statement from the Ozaukee Washington Land Trust to find out more about the invasive species that threaten the health of Lake Michigan.

The Great Lakes Restoration Initiative is the most cost-effective way to protect and restore the Great Lakes.

More than a dozen Wisconsin land trusts help protect the Great Lakes in the Lake Michigan and Lake Superior basins through land conservation and management. These protected lands—such as the Frog Bay Tribal National Park—also provide access to the Lakes for all of us—for all kinds of recreation and enjoyment, forever.

We are thankful the elected officials on Capitol Hill have funded the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative.

But, it’s not enough to celebrate the victory; we must continue to have a voice and advocate.

Let your voice be heard.

Call or write to your federal representatives today and thank them for protecting critical Great Lakes funding and programs.

You can follow the links to the contact information for your Senators and your Representative in the House, or you can text your zip code to 520.200.2223. You'll receive a text with the names and numbers of your state and federal senators and representatives.

To increase your impact on state and federal conservation issues, make a donation to Gathering Waters, today.



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