Landmark Conservancy Buys Elk Creek Bottoms

Large body of water surrounded by land covered in a layer of snow

Landmark Conservancy purchased the land that will become Elk Creek Bottoms, a new conservation area in Dunn County, just west of Eau Claire in the town of Spring Brook.

The 69-acre property was previously owned by the Midwest Institute of Scandinavian Culture. The change in ownership means the land will now be permanently protected and more accessible to the public.

The conservancy received a $118,500 grant from the Knowles-Nelson Stewardship Program to help fund the purchase.

The land will be open to the public for recreational activities like hiking, skiing, fishing, and hunting. Landmark Conservancy will be evaluating how to make the park more accessible to visitors, including mapping existing trails and adding signage.

Learn more about the property and watch a video here. Read an article by the Leader-Telegram here.

Photo by Landmark Conservancy.