New Ice Age Trail License Plate Expected This Spring

Ice Age license plate on the back of a car

Ice Age Trail lovers will soon be able to order new Ice Age Trail Alliance licenses plates! The plate design features a light blue background with a woolly mammoth along the left side inspired by the Ice Age Trail Alliance’s logo.

The license plate will cost $40, which includes a one-time fee of $15 for specialty plate and an annual donation of $25 to the Ice Age Trail Alliance. The plates could be available to order as early as March 2023.

“We’re excited for people to be able to order them,” Pierick said in this article by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. “The plates are not only a fundraiser for the Alliance … but will also help spread awareness of the trail throughout the state and beyond.”

Once the plate is available, the minimum number of plates needed to keep the design in circulation is 500 within three years. After that point, if active registrations fall below 500, the Alliance will have one year to meet the threshold again or the plate will be discontinued.