Training & Workshops

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Gathering Waters offers workshops, training opportunities, an annual conference, and other services to all land trust practitioners in Wisconsin. Currently planned learning opportunities are listed below.  Questions, feedback, and suggestions are most welcome and can be directed to Meg Domroese, Land Trust Program Director.

SAVE THE DATE for the 2019 Wisconsin Land Trust Conference

March 7-9, 2019 at Green Lake Conference Center 

Mark your calendar now for the 2019 Conference!

Check out highlights and resources from the 2018 Conference.

See the session suggestions we received from 2018 participants and let us know if you have other potential topics to add to the list.


Ask-An-Expert Call Series

Organizational Evolution: How Land Trusts Change Over Time on August 3, 2018 at 11:00am Central

Like people, organizations have life cycles and evolve over time. As they mature, their wants and needs change. Being aware of and embracing these changes can help you through awkward transitions and allow your land trust to flourish into the well-adjusted, focused and flexible organization you've always wanted to become.

Join Crystel Anders, consultant with Spectrum Nonprofit Services, and Tom Stolp executive director of Ozaukee Washington Land Trust to learn to leverage changes at each stage for long-term success by discussing:

  • A tool you can use to identify where your programs are and what they need to evolve to the next stage
  • How each stage creates opportunities to address challenges and become a healthier organization
  • Why embracing pivotal moments, like retiring or renewing stale programs, can save you time and effort
  • How balancing focus and flexibility keeps your work vital

To register for this conference call, please
email LTA your organization name, participant names, and email addresses. We will send you call-in information. Registration closes on Wednesday, August 1, 2018.

Gathering Waters, along with the Land Trust Alliance and Michigan's Heart of the Lakes, are pleased to offer a series of free Ask-An-Expert calls that are easy to fit into your busy day.


The Land Trust Alliance hosts webinars throughout the year. With a click of a mouse, participants have immediate access to the best minds in the field of conservation, governance, and organizational management without the hassle and expense of travel.

For dates and topics, check the Alliance's webinar schedule.