Wisconsin Farm Sustainability Rewards Project Coordinator – Wisconsin’s Green Fire

The Farm Sustainability Rewards Project (FSR) is a two-year project led by WGF in partnership with Clean Wisconsin to assess feasibility of and design a voluntary model for farm conservation that rewards farmers who meet increasingly robust tiers of environmental performance while improving their whole-farm and farm product sustainability.

The Farm Sustainability Rewards Project will design a pilot project, with stakeholder input, aimed at rewarding farms that meet clear farm-wide sustainability benchmarks on a voluntary basis – including quantified benchmarks for soil erosion, nutrient loss and GHG emissions. Unlike one-time cost-share programs that focus on isolated practices, this project will develop the structure to offer qualifying producers annual per-acre rewards for continuing, farm-wide achievement. The project will use field-tested models to estimate a farm’s average “footprint per acre,” based on relevant farm characteristics and practices. Farms that do better can earn higher rewards. Benchmarks are designed to achieve key environmental goals.

Wisconsin’s Green Fire, Voices for Conservation (WGF) is a non-partisan 501(c)3 organization providing science-based information and analysis that addresses Wisconsin’s greatest conservation challenges. WGF helps policy makers, agencies, and concerned citizens understand and address complex issues, including climate change, biodiversity, clean water, and advancing opportunities for young people in conservation. For more information please visit Wisconsin’s Green Fire’s website.

Submit applications to Applications must include a cover letter, resume with references, and a recent work sample. Apply by 12:00 pm on Monday, December 4, 2023.

ORGANIZATION: Wisconsin’s Green Fire, Voices for Conservation (WGF)