Wisconsin Land Trust Days

Wisconsin Land Trust Days logo

Land Trust Days helps promote and connect people all over the state with fun, local events, and activities hosted by land trusts. 

Beginning August 10, and ending on September 22, this will be one of the biggest collaborations of land trust events in the country.

Wisconsin Land Trust Days leverages the voice of Gathering Waters in a statewide branding and marketing effort to promote local events and activities, including the 2018 Land Conservation Leadership Awards Celebration, which takes place on September 20.

Let us know about your event by June 15, 2018.

All enrolled land trust events or activities taking place on and between August 10 and September 22 throughout Wisconsin will be promoted statewide by Gathering Waters, as part of “Wisconsin Land Trust Days.”

The event(s) will still be yours and you will still market them and run them as your own. But you will also be part of something bigger; something that demonstrates how land trusts provide opportunities to #HaveFunOutside—and so much more.

By participating, you will gain exposure to new audiences, and the impact of your work will be amplified statewide, providing you with opportunities to grow your membership and increase community support

Register today:

Add your land trust’s event to the Land Trust Days calendar by filling out the form here, and let us know what types of promotional materials you'd like to receive. There's no cost to participate in the program, but the deadline to register and order promotional materials is June 15, 2018.

To qualify as a Wisconsin Land Trust Days event:

  1. Your land trust must be a current member of Gathering Waters.
  2. You must include Wisconsin Land Trust Days branding and logos on all event(s) marketing and promotion materials.
  3. Your event(s) must be open to the public and take place in 2018, between August 10 and September 22.

After you register your event, someone from our events team will contact you to confirm the details before we publicize your event.

If you have any questions, please contact our Communications Specialist, Pat McMurtrie