About Land Trusts

Simply stated, a land trust or conservancy is a private, nonprofit organization that actively works to conserve land through acquiring important parcels and by entering into conservation easement agreements with private landowners. Land trusts bring together landowners, donors, and federal, state and local agencies to identify, protect and manage unique lands to improve the health and beauty of their communities now and for future generations. Each local land trust works with its community to determine the most important land to conserve.


For some, the focus is on open space for recreation and tourism, for others it may be working farmland or forests, protecting endangered flora, wildlife habitat and undeveloped landscapes, or setting aside waterfront property to protect water quality and provide public access and scenic vistas. The common thread is a commitment to healthy communities and our responsibility to be sure our grandchildren and their grandchildren are able to enjoy the special places with which we have been blessed. Photo courtesy of B. Clay Shannon

Find a Local Land Trust

Wisconsin's land trusts operate in almost every county throughout the state. This interactive map will help you find your local land trust.

Land Trust FAQ

Answers to common questions about voluntary, lasting land conservation.

Conservation Options for Landowners

Would you like to see your land protected forever? The information on these pages will introduce you to options for private, voluntary land conservation.

Land Trust Jobs

A listing of jobs in land trust related fields.

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