Your Impact & Thank You!

Whether you contribute financially, share your precious time or lend your talents—or perhaps, a combination of all three—we are so very grateful! You are our hero and the hero that Wisconsin needs right now.

We hope you hear “thank you” from us regularly and abundantly because we are truly honored to have your trust and partnership, as together we protect the places that make Wisconsin special.

And, if you need a little convincing about the impact that a gift to Gathering Waters will have, here are a few reasons:

When you make a gift to Gathering Waters, you support the work of over 40 individual nonprofits doing on-the-ground land and water conservation throughout Wisconsin. From the hills of the Driftless region to the banks of Door County to the ice caves of northern Wisconsin, your gift provides strong training, professional services, and cutting-edge technology to organizations all over Wisconsin so that more land and water is protected for the benefit of all. 

Read a story here about Gathering Waters’ Land Conservation Law Program—a first-of-its-kind service for Wisconsin land trusts offering professional legal guidance to protect land and water forever.

When you make a gift to Gathering Waters, millions of dollars in public funding are defended and protected from the partisan whims of the state legislature. Then these dollars are put to work protecting land and water throughout Wisconsin where you can hunt or fish, bike or canoe, cross-country ski or bird watch, breath in the fresh air, swim in the clean water, and know that this place is protected forever.

Read a story here about how Gathering Waters supported the protection of some of the last remaining undeveloped shoreline in Wisconsin along Lake Michigan.

When you make a gift to Gathering Waters, you help people discover new and amazing outdoor places and learn about the work that land trusts do. This, in turn, makes land trusts stronger.   

Listen to a story here about Wisconsin Land Trust Days—Gathering Waters’ annual promotional celebration of Wisconsin land trusts.

Your Impact

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