We Work Together

Helping land trusts, landowners, and communities protect the places that make Wisconsin special.

What We Do

To ensure that Wisconsin’s land trusts remain strong, sustainable organizations, Gathering Waters: 

  • Advocates for government funding that provides millions of dollars to land trusts each year
  • Provides tools, resources, education opportunities, and a network of peers for land trust staff and board members
  • Increases statewide awareness of the opportunities and benefits land trusts bring to the communities they serve

Key Programs & Projects

Land Trust Training & Services

We work to improve land trust operations and expertise by supporting leadership development, peer learning, and networks. Learning opportunities focus on key issues and functions, developing core competencies, and innovative approaches.

Land Conservation Law Program

Established in 2022, our first-of-its-kind Land Conservation Law Program has two goals: 1) to provide legal services directly to land trusts, 2) and to develop and deliver continuing legal education training and, thereby, expand the base of knowledge amongst practicing attorneys on matters of conservation law.

Climate Change Action

We support land trusts in prioritizing climate change solutions in their communications, conservation planning, and programs.

Geographic Information Services (GIS)

We developed and maintain the only geographic information system database comprising all Wisconsin land trust properties, potential conservation areas, and Knowles-Nelson Stewardship Program projects. We use this tool to foster collaboration amongst conservation organizations and to advance more strategic and effective conservation decisions.

Wisconsin Land Trust Conference

Annually, we convene the premier conference for land trust staff and board members to come together to gain new knowledge and skills, reinforce best practices, celebrate successes, and commit to continued progress in land conservation. 

Public Policy Advocacy

We defend and strengthen the Knowles-Nelson Stewardship Program, and explore a broader leadership role in Wisconsin conservation advocacy.

Promoting Land Conservation

We promote connection with the land and awareness of land trusts through the Wisconsin Land Conservation Leadership Awards and Wisconsin Land Trust Days.

Centering Equity in Conservation

We invest in organizational learning and action to remove barriers to participation and expand who benefits from conservation.

Meet Our Team

Meet the individuals who are here to support our land trusts.

Meet Our Member Land Trusts

Gathering Waters serves over 40 independent, private, non-profit organizations throughout the state of Wisconsin. We call them our member land trusts. Each is unique in its mission and vision, but shares a common practice of protecting land and water.

A video introduction to Gathering Waters