Gathering Waters is Wisconsin’s Alliance for Land Trusts. We support more than 40 Wisconsin land trusts.

Gathering Waters helps land trusts, landowners, and communities protect the natural places that make Wisconsin special.

Who We Are

Who We are

Gathering Waters is Wisconsin's Alliance for Land Trusts. Our mission is to help land trusts, landowners, and communities protect the natural spaces that make Wisconsin special.
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What We Do

What We Do

We strengthen over 40 land trusts in Wisconsin, supporting their efforts to permanently protect land and serving as a statewide voice to increase awareness of land trusts and advocate for land protection.
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Why We Do it

Why We Do It

We work to permanently protect land for current and future generations so that all inhabitants (people, animals, and plants) have access to the natural infrastructure that serves as a lifeline and a source of enjoyment for us all.
Making An Impact
2024 Lake Groups UWSP Webinar

Webinar: Partnership Opportunities for WI Land Trusts and Local Lake Groups

This workshop for land trusts will present an in-depth look at two types of lake groups and tips on facilitating future partnerships.

Conservation is Climate Action

Land Conservation is Climate Action

Give nature the space to thrive and everyone benefits.

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Did You Know?

When you support Gathering Waters, your support ripples throughout the entire state, protecting special places, forever.

What Is a Land Trust?

A land trust is a community-based, nonprofit organization that works to permanently conserve land. Land trusts work in their communities to protect and preserve natural spaces forever, preventing future development. Their efforts help ensure that critical habitat is available for animals and plants, that communities have access to open spaces for everything from outdoor recreation to sustainable farming, and that ecosystem services, like a healthy water supply and carbon sequestration, are available to all.

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You can make a difference for land protection in Wisconsin when you make a donation to Gathering Waters today.

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