2018 Conservationist of the Year: Pat Caffrey

An older white man with glasses standing outside.

For more than 40 years, Pat Caffrey has been an integral part of the conservation community in Wisconsin. Pat helped the Mississippi Valley Conservancy (MVC) transform from an all-volunteer organization to an accredited, staffed land trust with a nine-county service area and nearly 20,000 protected acres.

Pat has been involved in environmental pursuits in his public and personal life. He was an engineer and public works director for the City of La Crosse for many years. He also served as the Board President of the Coulee Region Group of the Sierra Club, an all-volunteer organization dedicated to environmental education and conservation. Pat has never stopped leading the charge for conservation.

“[Pat spends] an extraordinary amount of time coordinating conservation efforts and performing the physical labor required to manage protected properties to maintain their conservation value,” said friend and supporter Jim Rogala. “He donates not only his time but also his financial resources. No task is ever too big or too small. He is an advocate for many conservation efforts.”

Pat also has been extremely active with Hixon Forest Nature Center (now Myrick Park Center), Friends of Perrot State Park, Friends of Trempealeau, Friends of McGilvray Road, Friends of the Blufflands, and a member of the newly formed Bluffland Coalition.

Pat consistently brings his expertise, passion, and professionalism to everything he does. His ability to bring individuals and groups together is one of his greatest assets. Congratulations to Pat on being selected as the 2018 Conservationist of the Year!