Land Trust Excellence & Advancement Partnership

LEAP, a partnership with the Land Trust Alliance, aims to provide coordinated services and support for Wisconsin land trusts whether large, small, staffed, or all-volunteer.  Through LEAP, we support individual land trusts; strengthen the fabric of Wisconsin's land trust community; advance strategic, collaborative conservation; and prepare land trusts for Accreditation.

Services provided through LEAP



The Land Trust Excellence and Advancement Partnership (LEAP) between Gathering Waters and the Land Trust Alliance leverages our complementary expertise and resources to enhance the quality and impact of our services to Wisconsin land trusts.

LEAP can help your land trust:

  • Tap into guidelines and examples for conservation, governance, and management
  • Navigate first-time accreditation and renewal
  • Connect with peers on land conservation fundamentals and emerging trends
  • Build leadership to carry your land trust into the future…and more!
While the specific offerings through LEAP vary from year to year, depending on available resources and land trusts’ needs, activities typically include online and in-person training, peer mentoring and gatherings, guidance, facilitation, and grants.
This partnership allows us to tailor national programming and curricula to Wisconsin land trusts for efficient delivery of expanded services. We help propel your land trust to a higher level of performance for greater conservation and community impact.
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Contact Meg Domroese at Gathering Waters or MaryKay O'Donnell at the Land Trust Alliance.


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