Chambers Island Nature Preserve Grows with Donation to Door County Land Trust

2 bodies of water separated by a thin piece of land filled with trees

The Chambers Island Nature Preserve grew by nearly 23 acres with the purchase of a parcel of land on the island by Door County Land Trust, thanks to a generous outpouring of private donations from Chambers Island landowners.

The property makes up the isthmus that runs between the Lake Mackaysee and the bay of Green Bay, bringing the total acreage protected on the island up to about 830 acres.

“There is a stunning cathedral forest of red oaks, sugar maples, white pines, beech and hemlock—many over 150 years old,” said Terrie Cooper, senior land protection manager at Door County Land Trust.

A diverse array of plant and animal species call the island home, and now have even more habitat permanently available to support them.

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Photo by Door County Land Trust.